Maplewood Home Care

The leading provider of home health care in the Twin Cities area

About Maplewood Home Care


Maplewood Home Care is made up of a team of healthcare professionals whose ultimate goal is to deliver expertise while at the same time serving the needs of your loved ones with compassion and understanding. Your family has been entrusted into our hands so we do our best to deliver the quality of care you expect from your home health agency. We serve the community of the Twin Cities metro area.


It is our desire to provide exceptional care and services for clients that are home-bound with either an illness or disability. Since our beginnings, we have always believed our role is to walk in integrity and provide high quality health services so as to set an example for all agencies to follow suit.


At Maplewood Home Care, we believe that home care is good medicine, both physically and mentally. Studies have shown that patients respond better and recover faster at their home or place of residence. Our Staff members will listen and work closely with the Physician, patient and family to accomplish their goals and to assist in helping every patient enjoy the highest quality of life at home that is possible. Maplewood Home Care always takes great pride in the services we offer. We welcome you to explore the advantages of quality home healthcare in the Twin Cities.


Benefits of Home Care


  • Being at home tends to improve the healing process and mental attitude.

  • In many cases, Home Health Care is very cost-effective.

  • Individualized and comprehensive Patient and caregiver education and services.

  • Continuous assessment and adjustments to care plan.

  • Coordination of care and services with the Physician, Family and Hospital.


Please contact us today to schedule an assessment or with any questions at 952-456-6561





About the Agency


  •  Does your agency conduct a needs assessment to determine care plans?

   We have qualified professional nurses to conduct each care plan, the professional nurse (RN) will also perform a consult every 30-60 days to ensure the recipients received the appropriate care and are happy with their service.


  •  How does your agency protect confidentiality?

   All information is confidential, and cannot be shared without consent.


  •  How do you handle client’s rights: freedom to request a different caregiver, cancellation of services, right to review logs regarding care?

   Clients always have the option to keep the caregiver, or terminate the caregiver as they wish. We have backup caregivers that can always fill in. Clients can always try several caregivers and decide which caregiver they prefer.


  •  Do I need a doctor’s order for home care?

   In some cases we do need a Dr. referral by submitting a Physician statement of need (for new clients only)


  •  How does your agency handle emergencies?

   We have a 24hr help line, in addition to a QP line.


About the Agency’s Caregivers


  •  How do you screen, train and supervise caregivers?

   All PCA’s must pass a background check. We also make sure all care givers are immune, vaccinated, and have been trained by a    qualifying professional nurse, and pass PCA test.  


  •  How do you match caregivers to clients/patients?

   The company tries to match caregivers to clients in several important ways. The caregiver's skills must match the client's needs. In making assignments, Maplewood Home Care takes into account how close caregivers live to the clients. And the company tries to match a client's hobbies and interests with those of a caregiver -- so that a client who once taught music might be matched with a caregiver with a musical bent.


  •  Who do we contact with questions or complaints?

   Contact the managing employee, HR, or QP.


About The Agency’s Services


  •  If necessary, is the care plan overseen by a registered nurse?

   Yes, the QP must create a care plan before the caregiver can begin.


  •  Do you provide a written schedule of services?

   All caregivers have their own schedule, usually we typically send them their schedule one a month.


  •  Can you help find additional services like Meals on Wheels, etc.?

   Yes, our goal is not to provide you with quality care, but we also want to be a source for you.