Personal Support


Safety is a daily concern and one of the biggest determiners if a loved one can remain in their home. Falls, medication accuracies and memory deficits will play important roles in whether or not your loved one can stay in their own residence.


Our Personal Assistance Services can be beneficial to assisting an individual that has no acute medical needs but requires help with activities of daily living, also referred to as ADL's. Persons desiring activity, interaction and stimulation will also greatly benefit from our personal care service.


Typically the same staff member or team of staff members work with the same client on a regular basis.


In Home Family Support


Integrating our experience with seniors allows us to meet each client's specific needs on an individual basis. We strive to create a personal relationship with the senior, their family members and other service providers to enable access to services that are unique to each client and family situation.


Independent Living Skills Training


Independent Living Skills training is individually designed to improve and maintain the ability of the patient to live as independently as possible in the community. ILST assists in recovering skills that have decreased or declined as a result of onset of disability or health condition. ILST can benefit those individuals with progressive illnesses to maintain essential skills. ILST may be provided in the patients home and in their local community. This service will primarily be provided on an individual basis; one on one by one of our friendly staff.



Supported Living Services


Our Supported Living Services program provides services that touch most areas of our client’s daily living.  Supported Living services include meeting basic fundamental needs like housekeeping, medical assistance, transporting and budgeting skills.  Senior Home Care supported living staff surpasses  the fundamental needs by serving as mentors and teachers to our clients.  With the help of our staff, they can go into the community and learn social skills and build and maintain relationships outside of their homes to enhance their quality of life.